Aline Barbosa




Aline is a hair stylist at The Beauty Lounge.  She has a genuine love for the beauty industry, and is specially appreciative of her one to one time spent with her clients.


Aline was born in Brazil, on a coastal and warm area called Vitoria.  She moved to the state of Connecticut with her family when she was still 13 years old. Before moving to Texas in 2016, she spent time in Charleston South Carolina.  This where she fell in deep love with blonding all the southern bells.  Her mother, who is also a hair stylist and salon owner, has always been a great mentor for her, as Aline grew up in her hair salon. Her grandfather, although not a professional barber, would groom all the men in his village!  The passion grows in her veins.

Aline specializes in blondes, balayage, lived in styles and hair extensions. She is all about natural beauty styles and strives to always look for ways to embrace and enhance natural features, in order to achieve the best look. Being from a Brazil, such a multicultural place, she’s familiar with all types of hair. She has passion for precision and detailed work and she doesn’t mind challenges!  “Your hair needs to work for you and not the other way around” is one of her favorite quotes.

Aline is a mother of 3 children, Sophia Caleb and Olivia, whom brighten her days… and sometimes nights!  Some of her favorite things to do outside the salon is to spend time with family and friends, explore new places, eat out, read, craft , play with her children, and spend as much time as she can outdoors; and of course, learning more about hair ;)