The Hair

What is the difference between Hand Tied Hair and Machine Weft Hair?

MACHINE SEWN WEFT Wefts provide a quick and natural way to get the fullness and length you are looking for. Weft extensions can be applied to your hair in several ways. At The Beauty Lounge we use the beaded sew-in method. Machine Sewn Wefts are perfect for clients with medium to thick hair, as the weft portion of hair is (machine) sewn which results in a thicker band. HAND TIED WEFT Hand Tied Wefts are just like machine sewn wefts but rather than sewn, the weft portion of the hair is tied together by hand. This makes the weft portion of the hair much thinner than Machine Sewn Wefts. Hand Tied Wefts take longer to make vs machine wefts and can be a slightly higher investment.

What makes beaded weft extensions stand apart from the rest?

Beaded Weft Extensions ( Hand Tied & Machine Wefts) are a luxury hair extension method. It is an intricate method that has minimal point of contact, is the least damaging and known for being the most natural, light weight, and comfortable method on the market. The extensions are made with long-lasting, high-quality materials. Each weft is triple-stitched, meaning they are durable and can stand the test of time. Additionally, beaded weft extensions do not use heat, glue, tape, or chemicals during the installation process. Instead, your hair is paired with the extension and sewn into place in a way that, when properly taken care of, will not damage your hair or the hair follicle.

What kind of hair is used?

Our extensions are made from 100% Premium Human Remy Hair, silky soft, and offered in a variety of lengths, colors, and makes.

Why wear hair extensions?

Hair extensions are worn by thousands of women across the world and all for various reasons. One factor they all have in common is confidence. Here are a few reasons women choose to wear hair extensions. 1. TO ADD LENGTH AND/OR VOLUME Hair extensions provide an instant new look; making your hair longer, fuller, and thicker. Whether your growing out a cut or follicly challenged, extensions will make a difference you can see today. 2. HAIR LOSS 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40. Hair extensions are a safe alternative to medical treatments and prescription drugs. They have the ability to correct the look of hair loss due to circumstances such as hormone changes, menopause, medication, stress, or post-baby. 3. TO PROTECT NATURAL HAIR Hair extensions can protect natural hair from chemical treatments, sunlight, and styling tools. When you wear hair extensions, you can style them and color them the way you want while your natural hair repairs & grows underneath. Added do not have to wash and style your hair as often while wearing extensions; your look will last for days. That's a win - win. 4. COLOR Hair extensions can be used as highlights and/or lowlights to achieve the desired colors and dimension without compromising the integrity of your natural hair. 5. SPECIAL OCCASIONS There are many occasions where you can benefit from adding hair extensions, including weddings, prom, reunions, anniversary trips. Whether they are temporary to add length and thickness or you want to try a brand new look, our team can make it possible. 6. AMAZING HAIRSTYLES The great thing about sewn-in hair extensions is that you can style them any way you want! You'll finally have enough hair to achieve those voluminous blowouts, big boho braids, mermaid hair, & intricate styles. Since our extensions are made with real hair, you can still use styling tools like curlers and straighteners. 7. TO FEEL CONFIDENT AND ATTRACTIVE We all know how great we feel after a color and cut refresh. Adding hair extensions takes that feeling to a new level. At The Beauty Lounge we focus on giving our clients a new confidence they didn't know was in them and empower them to feel beautiful from the inside out.

The Color

Can you match my hair color and texture?

Yes. The hair comes in over 40 different colors and shades. We even have wavy options for those with some curl in their natural hair. For some clients one color option matches perfectly, however for those with multi-dimensional hair, we can use a variety of colors to achieve the most beautiful blend. Fashion colors are also available for those loving statement hair.

The Maintenance

The Method

Will my extension appointment be customized for me?

A Unique Experience No two people are the same. Therefore to achieve your desired look, be it fullness, length, color, or dimension, we will use a variety of techniques and placement. At The Beauty Lounge we focus on custom applications that are masterfully applied and perfectly blended. Things we take into condsideration prior to your installation:

  • Client's lifestyle
  • Client's hair styling routine
  • Natural hair texture
  • Fullness
  • Part & Hairline
  • Natural hair color
Our installation/application process is more than the high quality hair. It’s about the details of the sectioning and placement patterns, weft weights & sizes, and sewing techniques. It’s about color placement and color blending. It’s about bringing it all together with a correctly executed cut. We love to educate our clients on the different ways they can style their hair to achieve desired looks that will work with their hair type. The Beauty Lounge stylists have mastered the most comprehensive extension application training in the professional industry. This results in a comfortable and seamless extension experience, every single time.

The Care

The Cost